Executive Producer of Malkia Entertainment

Why I Wrote The Book

Writing “Love of My Life: Memoirs of a Love Lost” was a point of healing for me. After losing Nick, I felt like my whole world came crashing down. Every plan that I had for the future died in an instant and I basically had nothing to live for. The pain that I carried with me was so bad that I didn’t even know how I would make it through the day. The only thing that helped me to stop crying was reading Nick’s emails to me. I would read and remember the funny things he would say and I would smile again, even laugh.
Once I saw how much reading his words were helping me I thought it might help others to read them too.
It wasn’t easy deciding to write this book. Much of what’s written includes my journal entries, which are very personal thoughts of my relationship with Nick. It was tormenting thinking about revealing my heart to the whole world. Eventually I knew that it was the right thing to do.
My hope is that this book inspires anyone who has lost someone they love, to keep on living and don’t lose hope. Even if your life seems like it’s over don’t give up. Things do get better and healing eventually will come.


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