Executive Producer of Malkia Entertainment

Healing For the Soul

This year’s trip to Africa was exactly what I needed.  There were so many emotions running through me: joy, sadness, anticipation…  My main goal was to go there to gain healing for my soul.  Since losing Nick I hadn’t been the same.  I was filled with grief, and rightly so– Nick was a great man– but I felt like I needed strength to move on in life; strength that I couldn’t get without going back to the motherland.

When I got there, I could feel the love in the atmosphere.  Seeing the faces of the people who have so closely become my family, made me smile beyond belief.  The hugs and the laughs kept coming, and my healing began.  One of the greatest parts about being there was that it was for a happy occasion; a wedding.  All of us gathering together celebrating is what really helped me because I was so concerned about how they were doing after I last saw them last year.  It was so good to see everyone dancing and cheering and to see with my own eyes that they are coping.  Yes, the memories of Nick will always linger, but at least I’m comforted knowing that they have the strength to make it through, and that strength brings joy.

I saw so much that I can’t even begin to explain, but everything that I saw, felt, heard, did, led to one thing: me knowing that I can make it without the love of my life, and that all will be well, especially with the help of a wonderful family.

Well, this story will continue in the days to come as I choose to honor Nick and be grateful for the time that we had together. We’ll see what will come of this.  Pain this bad doesn’t come for no reason;  I may not understand it, but at least I will do something with it.  I want to make Nick’s name great worldwide………


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