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National Reading Month

March is National Reading Month. When I was a kid, we used to get points for every book that we read and those points were used to get pizza at Pizza Hut. It was an incentive for children to read, and read a lot. I was excited to find out that the particular program is still going on today, but it begs the question of why reading is important.

Reading, (especially for children), expands the vocabulary and builds the imaginative muscles. It’s one thing to watch a movie and have every little detail shown to you (nothing wrong with that), but imagine figuring out the details in your head as you read them, developing a wide range of visuals, based on the words. That’s the power of books and reading. That’s often why you hear the phrase, “The book was so much better than the movie.” It’s because when someone presents their version of a book visually, it’s just that: their version of it. But when you read, boy, the imagination is endless.

So this month, make it a point to read at least one book. For all those busy people, it doesn’t have to be a novel, it can be a short story. To make it even more fun, try reading it with other people or to a child at night. Engage your mind through words. Use the muscles of imagination and watch them grow. You never know, maybe it will inspire you to become the next great writer.


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