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10 Things in 2014

2014 has been one heck of a year; one with tremendous ups and downs. It has been a year like no other for me. Here’s my re-count of the 10 things that have been transformational in my life during this time.

The Good

Captions and SubtitlesBusiness: In January I became the owner of Captions and Subtitle Services. I was afraid to step up to that challenge at first, because I knew the responsibility that it would entail. I’m glad I did step up though, because it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I could have ever made. I’ve grown more as a person than I ever even thought I needed to, and have learned a tremendous amount about serving people and going above and beyond to get things done.

Malkia EntertainmentMalkia: In April I started a production company called Malkia Entertainment. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it was nagging at me. In the beginning I thought it was a huge mistake starting another company when I was just getting settled in the other one. To me it seemed like the timing was wrong. But I took a chance just to see what would happen. This company will give me the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream – producing films.

Me and AaronDocumentary: In August I started shooting my documentary “Love of My Life.” That was a hugely daunting task and, at times, I didn’t think I would be able to keep going with it. You wouldn’t believe how many tears I’ve cried over it, knowing the emotional pain that I was about to put myself through. But I knew in my heart that it needed to be done. It would be the start of something beautiful.

DuSableDuSable: In September my book, “Love of My Life: Memoirs of a Love Lost” was accepted into DuSable Museum in Chicago, to be sold in their bookstore. That was a great accomplishment for me; something that I’m so proud of. It took a while for the deal to actually be done, but when it was, I was on cloud nine.




Broken Heart Africa: In October I traveled to the continent of Africa to film more footage for the documentary. The emotional impact this was having on me as I heard stories about Nick, almost made me want to quit. But there was something inside telling me to keep going with it. A really amazing story is about to be told through this documentary.

Celebrities NewCelebrities: Throughout the year I have come in contact with celebrities who have impacted my life greatly, by either what they told me or what they did. Those people are Myles Munroe, DeVon Franklin, Robert Townsend, Sheila E. and Johnny Gill. Meeting them has made me realize that anything is possible and that I do have a place in the world that I’m so desperately trying to get to.     Friends

Friends: This year I have purposely deepened my relationship with my friends. It’s nothing like knowing who your friends are for real – those who just allow you to be yourself with no expectations – and spending time with them. My desire is to be a better friend to those who have entrusted me with their friendship.



Emmy: I was nominated and won an Emmy in 2013 and the statue arrived in 2014. I often look at it thinking of all the work I put in to that TV show. It is such an honor and I look forward to the day when Emmy will have a little brother named Oscar.




The Bad

~ You can never accept the good in life without accepting the bad ~

Wallet: My wallet was stolen when I was shopping in a store. All my credit cards were in there, including my business cards, along with some cash. Before I could cancel the cards, the thieves were already racking up a bill. Of course this was a big hassle for me, but everything worked out in the end.

Car: My wonderful car that I love so much, was stolen right from outside my house! It may not be a Lexus or a BMW, but it was my car and I was upset that it was taken. Ironically, I didn’t allow myself to be angry. I just kept telling my family that everything happens for a reason and that I refuse to let my emotions get all out-of-order because of this situation. After all, the thieves took my car, but they didn’t take my life. I wasn’t physically hurt during the incident. A few weeks later, after cooperation with police and insurance company, my car was back in front of my house. It wasn’t at a chop shop, nobody ran it into a tree, everything was fine. If that isn’t God, I don’t know what is.

Still Grateful

One thing is for sure: the bad that I’ve suffered, in no way compares to the blessedness of the good and indeed, what seemed like bad turned out good. At the time that these few bad things were happening, there was still good surrounding my life. I truly have nothing to complain about. I am so grateful for what my life has become this year and the opportunities that I’ve been given. I’m going to use everything that I’ve learned as a stepping-stone for 2015. I’m looking forward to this upcoming year being a year of change and progress in my life – a substantial amount of change that I haven’t see thus far. My eyes have seen what I can become and now it’s time for my reality to catch up with the dream that’s been in my heart for so many years.

#NothingIsImpossible #OnlyBelieve